You’re not just looking for a job, you’re looking for a career. At American National, we want to help you achieve that goal. American National was founded in 1905 and has become a well-respected member of the insurance industry, offering longevity and stability to policyholders AND employees. AM Best, an independent rater of insurance companies, has continually given us an A rating, and Forbes named us to their 2017 list of most trustworthy financial companies. Our culture is built on agility, collaboration, and engagement, creating an environment that challenges and rewards employees who aim high and are successful. Sound exciting? It is. So what are you waiting for – get started on your career today!

“American National started as simply a way to get my internship credit—and now I can’t imagine building a career anywhere else. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of different functional areas within the company, and have been in client-facing, agent-facing, and internal-facing roles. The people here become family, and the leadership team is incredibly supportive of employees who want to learn and grow. The opportunities are endless!”

Tyler Cockrum

“As Talent Acquisition Manager, I have the privilege of bringing new talent into the organization. I’m frequently asked “What do you enjoy about American National?” in interviews. My response is the same every time- I could never do this job, finding and hiring the best talent, and bring them into an organization that I didn’t personally trust, enjoy, and that supports my interests and career development. Over my 9 years here, I’ve seen college graduates flourish into confident leaders and employees find their passion and growth in work that makes a difference in the lives of others. I’m proud to be a part of a company that values stability and flexibility for its employees and strives for excellence in its products and services for its customers (of which I am one!).”

Megan Trower

“My American National journey began at the age of 6; eagerly watching our Insurance Agent come to collect my grandparents monthly life premiums. I began my career at American National 2 ½ years ago, in one of the best places to gain my insurance start; a passionate division that understands our health products, does an outstanding job of training, supporting, marketing and selling of our products. I have recently transitioned into a new role, where I look forward to assisting existing clients & agents and growing within that division. I’m hopeful to join the ranks of the many “Happy Lifers” that grace our elevators with more than 20 plus years of service."

Jenah Ellison

"American National, specifically our IMG (Independent Marketing Group) department, is one that has trust and confidence in the employees it hires. It is a results driven environment with high expectations and a standard of excellence. Results are the name of the game, and the company/department allows their employees the autonomy to develop their own creative solutions. Productivity is paramount, but the social and emotional comfort that’s experienced when you feel you’re trusted and respected to complete the task at hand is invaluable to say the least. So if you are an innovative creative thinker who loves the challenge of seeing a problem through to its resolution, then this is a department and company suited for you!"

Dominic Etienne

"American National has provided me with amazing opportunities to grow as a claims professional by providing me with an environment that supports innovation, promotes employee engagement, and puts the care in every client interaction. After 14 years of being part of this team, I am still finding opportunities for me to make a difference at work and I look forward to continuing to grow my skills. As a veteran, it was very important for me to continue to share my experiences in a balanced team and I’ve been able to do this every day at American National."

Sheronda Lippitt

"I have been extremely pleased with the opportunities and partnerships I have formed since coming to American National over 5 years ago. As a Director of Service and Support, my role allows me to interact with various members of the enterprise daily which helps me to fully understand the impact technology has both on our business units and customers. I feel that American National truly values and respects every team member and provides ways to grow both personally and professionally."

Pete Tarka

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