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At American National, our culture is our foundation. Back in 1905 when the company was founded, the goal was to create an organization so fundamentally solid that it would still be in operation 500 years in the future. Today we stand strong and prosperous and excited about what tomorrow brings. That’s not just because of a strong corporate charter – it’s as much the result of a corporate culture that embraces the talents of each of our employees and focuses those talents on doing what it takes to exceed our client’s needs.

We place our values “FIRST” in all we do.

Our corporate values define everything important to us – Financial security, Integrity, Respect, Service and Teamwork. This isn’t just a group of words, it’s a focus and a feeling embedded deep within our DNA.

This focus drives our culture and creates an environment where each employee is challenged, supported, and rewarded. But we’re not just about hard work.

We want employees to enjoy coming to work, to be part of an organization where people care about you, and to be in a place where you can do your best work while you learn and grow.

Embrace ACE!

Agility, Collaboration, and Engagement. ACE. It’s what we strive for and it’s what keeps us ahead of the game. ACE is the driver of decisions, actions, and ultimately the overall performance of American National. If you can look at an opportunity from a slightly different perspective, if you’re better when you share and develop ideas with others, and if you want to be a part of something that makes you feel good, you’re already embracing ACE!

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our employees have to say about American National:

“I am a Software Development Manager with over two decades of IT experience. I have been with American National for 8+ years and with hindsight, I truly wish I could have begun my career with American National. I get to learn a lot about people, processes & technology and build some great apps that help our Agents and Customers. If you want to learn and be successful, there is no dearth of opportunities American National presents to you. American National has wonderful employee benefits, a great work-life balance, an awesome work culture and a fantastic management team. People support and motivate each other which is why you will find several people who began their careers and retired from American National which is a testimony to its Strong ACE culture and FIRST values. American National is 118 years young, is still growing and I enjoy working here each day.”

Clifton Reddy
Software Development Manager


"American National’s summer internship program provided me with a way to gain valuable experience in the actuarial field and many opportunities to learn about other departments. I really enjoyed interacting and socializing with the other interns throughout the company during meetings and intern events. From my internship, I was given the opportunity to work full time and could not be happier to work for a company that follows its values and respects their clients!"

Rachel Marchant
Actuarial Analyst


"Working in the Auto Claims Division at American National has been such a rewarding career.  I get to help people, every day, when they’ve experienced a loss.  At what could be a hard time in their life, I have the honor to assist them through their claim.  American National has given me the opportunity to advance in my career.  I’m surrounded by leaders who support self-growth and encourage continued education.  It’s a company with strong ethics to do what’s right, and I keep coming back because of the people I work with and the impact we make on our customer’s lives."

Christina Lashmet
Claims Training Specialist

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